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Apr-02-2013, 15:08
I never get clearance to take off in a mission. The planes in front get clearance, but my plane just sits there, until I take off on my own. Then, everyone behind me gets clearance as soon as I turn from the runway heading. Consequently, I never get to do a formation take off. Is there something I need to set/change?



Apr-02-2013, 23:37
Hi Binky9

I'm not at my home computer so I can't give you the exact details off the top of my head. You are experiencing a Cliffs problem that has plagued us since the game's original release.

There is a workaround of sorts. I suggest you download and install a brilliant campaign released by a Team Fusion member by the name of Bolox which can be found here:

Included in the download is an extensive readme which provides a workaround. In a nutshell you have to momentarily engage autopilot while on the runway to allow the game to register your plane, and then disengage autopilot again. After doing this you should be right.

This workaround will only work however, if you are not leading your flight. If you are the flight leader in a given mission then the following workaround described below is the best you can do I believe:

If you are leader of a group I have found it necessary to use autopilot for take off until ~ first waypoint ( you can actually see a 'kick' in plane behaviour after flaps come up- it's usually ok to take over manually after this point).
If you do not do this your plane doesn't 'register' with the AI game engine and you are effectively flying alone in a mission. you can see this in the comms menu- if you try to select 'recipient' they will all be unselectable.

Annoys the hell out of me too, but this is how CoD has 'worked' since day 1. (Again, this is a quote from Bolox from this thread: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4098&p=41595#post41595

It's not ideal but this is the situation we are left in....hopefully TF can one day work their modding magic with this issue and the AI in general. Anyway, download Bolox's campaign and read his instructions for a full overview. You will get a fantastic campaign out of it as well!

Hope this is of some help mate

Apr-04-2013, 09:36

I would swear that, when COD first came out, I could "Tab" and say I was ready for take-off, and would then get clearance. Then, a patch came out.:(

I'll try your suggestion tonight, and see what happens.