View Full Version : New Joystick......AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH

Apr-06-2013, 12:55
Hi guys,

Forced into early replacement Joystick
Everything works OK in Cliffs of Dover and Rise of Flight
I switch on IL2 (4.10.1) Everything OK :)
I try HSFX :grrr:
The Rudder + Elevator control is in reverse
Checked Joystick calibration = OK
Don't understand as HSFX folder is copy of original iL2 Vanilla and settings look the same in config etc
Any advice appreciated
PS Joystick Logic 3 Pro Flight2 (still saving for better setup)


Apr-06-2013, 17:44
HSFX 6 requires 4.11.1 to install into...when u said "vanilla" did u mean the 4.10.1 u referred to or had u patched to 4.11.1 ?
Have u patched/updated to HSFX 6.17 ?

Apr-07-2013, 06:37
I don't know if they changed something in HSFX 6 because I played in 5 last time but just go into controls and move axis
in the different direction and that should solve it.

IL2-JoyControl is nice tool for setting your joystick.


Apr-29-2013, 15:37
Thanks for the answers guys :)
Sorry to take so long to reply but setting controls in opposite direction worked (a miracle they worked first time round )