View Full Version : Missing bf110

May-11-2013, 17:37
Hello guys, since a long time I cannot play with any bf110 (c4 or c7) It gives me an error when loading, something like a file is missing. Can anyone help me?

May-11-2013, 17:43
is this a mod version? I would just reload the game.

May-11-2013, 17:58
Along time ago, before TF, I had an error with the unmodded game where if I tried to fly, or load a mission, with a Rotol Hurricane in it, my game would load to around 95% then hang. I tried everything from verifying files in steam, to deleting and reinstalling the whole game. Still had the same problem.
What worked for me in the end was disabling steam cloud. No idea if you have the same issue but it might be worth a try.

May-11-2013, 18:40
Don't you remember if it said "Hook: {Fuel}Tank04 not found"?

May-11-2013, 19:59
Sorry, I don't remember, it was a long time ago.

May-13-2013, 02:45
Did you clear you cache?