View Full Version : ARMA3/DCS Weekend (Drop in games)

May-31-2013, 07:02
A group of us will be playing on and off over the weekend. We will be playing ARMA3, DCS A-10C and DCS Huey. If you have the game come on over and drop in everyone is welcome. We may get into playing DCS P-51, F15 and other planes FC3 has to offer. For ARMA3 we are in the process of setting up a Squad match between ANON6 (drop in players) and Enemyspotting Squad. We will be gathering at www.anon6.com TS3 channel.

May-31-2013, 11:19
Oh-ho! :D

Good stuff. I'll try and hook up at some point. Had trouble registering at the ANON6 site though, will try again later. Hmmm....Huey or A-10? Bit of both maybe. :thumbsup:

May-31-2013, 11:24
I will just be starting to learn the Huey Saturday morning so I may be able to link up with you... You know as comic relief at that point ;)

May-31-2013, 11:53
Getting ready for our kids to come in on Monday but if I can escape for a few I'll join you guys in ArmA3. Thanks for the invite ...... First beers on me ....