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Aug-01-2013, 13:36
Hi gents,

I opened this post for all those who are willing to help new pilots to entering the world of flight Simmulation as a flight instructor. if you are interested, please sighn in here. it would be helpful if the flight instructor give a little overview about what the student get teached from you, when you are normaly on the server, witch ts-channel you are using, witch main language is spoken, etc., so the student can choose his flight instructor of his choice.

Please this post is not for discussion, forumtalking, comments, etc. only a place where new Pilots can find a flight instructor and the flightinstructor can post his little overview.

Sorry if this is the wrong section, if it is please put it there, where it should be.



Aug-01-2013, 13:38
Hi gents,

because my native language is german i will make my description in german for german speaking flight students, but will write at the end somthing too, for the english speaking fight student.


wenn Du interessiert bist, das Fliegen und Kaempfen in einer Flugsimmulation vom Anfang bis zum Ende zu lernen, bist Du hier genau richtig. Damit Du entscheiden kannst ob ich bzw. mein Team der/die richtige/n fuer Deine Art des spielens einer Flugsimmulation bin/ist, ein kleiner Ueberblick wie meine Freunde und ich fliegen und was Dich erwartet:

1. Wir fliegen Full-Real, das bedeutet, keine eingeblendeten Cockpitnachrichten oder sonstige eingeblendeten Hilfen wie: Motormanagement, Schadensuebersicht, etc.

2. Wir fliegen so historisch wie moeglich, das bedeutet, wir starten in Formation, wir fliegen in Formation, wir Kaempfen in Formation ( solange wie es moeglich ist ) und landen in Formation. Wir nutzen historische Angriffstaktiken, soll bedeuten, Boom and Zoom ist unser Hauptangriff oder anders ausgedrueckt der Gegner sollte uns erst bemerken, wenn es zu Spaet ist. Natuerlich bedeutet das wiederum, wir schiessen mit kurzen Feuerstoessen aus teilweise extremen Vorhalten bei kurzen Entfernungen um maximalen Schaden zu erreichen und um Munition zu sparen.

3. Fuer uns steht das Leben unseres virtuellen Piloten an erster Stelle, dann erst kommt das Ziel (gegnerisches Flugzeug oder gegnerisches Bodenobjekt).

4. Wir fliegen die Me 109 in allen Varianten, sowie die Ju-88, natuerlich auch die FW 190, wenn vorhanden.

Was erwartet Dich? Hier ein kurzer Ueberblick:

A) Cockpit/Instrumentenkunde, B) Beherschung der Flugzeuge in allen Situationen, C) Navigation, D) Kampftaktiken und Manoever (Offensive, wie Defensive) etc.

Was erwarten wir von Dir?

1. Spass am historischen Fliegen und Kaempfen (Acardefliegen ist was fuer Kinder)
2. Lehrnbereitschaft
3. Zeit und Geduld
4. Viel Humor :)

Wir sind Dienstags und Donnerstags zwischen 20:00 Uhr und 22:00 Uhr und Samstags ab 21:00 auf dem Server, wenn es die Familie und der Beruf es zulaest. Im TS findest Du uns im (S.u.E.) - Kanal im ATAG-TS.

Wenn Du interesse hast, komm einfach ins TS oder schreib mir eine PM.



Now to the english speaking new student, of course i will help you if you have short questions about the game and how to play it so you can win your fights and survive. So jumb on TS if help is necessary and i am on.

but if you want the best out for you and get it the right way teached, i think its better you search for an english speaking flight instructor, because my english is not so good that i can tell you everything well enough and speaking in two different languages at the same time and flying is very hard :-) .



Oct-07-2013, 10:50
Very interested Fidget, thank you, I sent you a PM with some actual details in it :)

Oct-07-2013, 14:22
Well I will sort out our timezones and see if there will be a match somewhere :D flying bombers only until now in ATAG servers I might just take up on your offer. I would really like to learn about the Spitfire and in the same time maybe hear what is authentic aerodynamics and what is not. And see how it flies, after all it is the plane frequently shooting my HE-111 down

Many thanks for your kind offer to the community

Oct-16-2013, 06:45
Hi Fidget. I will also send PM with details.

Oct-27-2013, 15:43
Fidget, PM inbound.


Nov-09-2013, 23:06
So seeing how there isn't many instructors and I am getting back to flying now, I'll volunteer.

Hello potential student pilots. I am Eagle not Stealth (long story, maybe another time) and I fly everything in this game except for the Spitfire (I don't know why I don't like it, I just don't). I'm still a little rusty right now but I can do my best to teach. I am Eastern Time Zone and a high school student so I won't be available much during the week. What I would help you with is getting started with any aircraft that you want and me teaching you some of the things that I have learned about the aircraft and some of my personal tricks.

I also can teach low level attack and give basic dogfighting skills however I am far from being the best at dogfighting.

Just PM me if interested and I'll try to set up a time to work with you whether on the ATAG server or I'll host a server for us.


P.S. I speak only English.

P.P.S. Yes, I'm not dead, haven't had time to post anything with applications and other things.

Nov-10-2013, 04:52
Guys, I've had my best simulation time ever learning how to fly Spitfire under the direction of Fidget. Even those who can generally take off and land safely in CloD, you don't know what you're missing, I just wish Fidget had time for you all, and that is only after I'll finish my course at Fidget's . :nw:


Nov-11-2013, 10:35

You get out of it, what you put into it! Sabrefly put a lot of prep time into it!:thumbsup:
It was my pleasure entirely!

Tzeluyu tebia, (поцелуи)

Lol, Fidget!! I liked the previous version more. :)


Nov-11-2013, 12:48
:thumbsup: To Fidget , Thanks for the guys you have been helping out . :) keep them rolling out , sounds like you are doing a great job :salute:

Dec-07-2013, 08:06
No new training until after New Years please. Christmas, and new computer build are demanding my immediate time.



Hello Fred, just back from NYC (Thanksgiving's family reunion). I'll need some more training under your wing after the holidays.


Dec-21-2013, 11:36
Merry Christmas!

Joy to the world and Merry Christmas to All!



9./JG52 Ziegler
Dec-22-2013, 08:01
Nice post and offer Fred:thumbsup:

Just wanted to say as a military (rotorwing) and fixed wing (civilian) trained pilot, that It's really nice of you to share your wealth of experiance with the good people who want to make sim flying more immersive.
Little things like flying patterns can make a big differance when landing a squad in a campaign action and just understanding the physics of pitch, power and trim can make one a better, smoother pilot. I'll always remember my first instructor saying "a series of small corrections".

My hat's off to you. :salute:

Jan-14-2014, 04:43
Hi all

I'm looking for help with the spitfire, I am a complete novice to planes sims, although I can now get spitfire
Of the ground and fly yet there is still much to learn. I really want to focus on just the spitfire until I am
Really competent then maybe try another plane.

I have a decent joystick with seperate throttle, headset and teamspeak installed and working incl mic. I'm 40
And come from UK I'm quite flexiable time wise, I fly rc helicopters proper ones not the toy versions for £20 and have
Had a spitfire plane in past but she met her destiny with mother earth (-;

All help greatly appreciated

Regards JOhn

92 Sqn. Philstyle (QJ-P)
Jan-14-2014, 05:09
Hi all

I'm looking for help with the spitfire, I am a complete novice to planes sims, although I can now get spitfire
Of the ground and fly yet there is still much to learn.

Hi mate,

You're welcome to pop by 92 Squadron Teamspeak any time. We can help you get sorted, no obligation to fly with us when you're up and running.

Our TS channel details are here; http://www.92-squadron.com/contact-and-coms.html

Jan-15-2014, 23:13
Hello Fidget aka redfred
Thank you for your gracious and time consuming offer teaching a newbie. I must warn you I have never used a joy stick I’m that new to flight sim’s. If you decide to spend your time with a more advanced flier I understand.
About myself I’m a USA citizen 64 years old retiree primary occupation general contractor.
Have been interested in computers and computer games since about 1994 have only started playing online games Nov. 2012.
Available time online: EST: Tuesday plus Thursday to Sunday 1900hr to 2400hr / Monday & Wednesday 1900hr to 2200hr
Following is a list of my 1 year old computer and components give you an idea to my game play capabilities.
CPU Intel i7 3820
M. board Asus P9X79 Pro
GPU’s 2- 7970 AMD
Hard drive C: 2 SSD O CZ Vertex 4 128G- Raid configuration
Hard drive D: Seagate 2 TB
Power supply Corsair 850W
Case Corsair Carbide 500R
Monitor’s 3-LG-IPS 235V-24” plus dedicated monitor stand
Corsair H100 CPU /liquid cooling closed system
GPU liquid cooling external
Aquacomputer Airplex Modularity 420 Radiator/6-140 mm fans
Alphacool pump
Heatkiller GPU Full coverage Nickel/Copper x2.
Coolant Evans C Formula glycol-ethylene
Reduced game GPU temperature from 90c+ to 47c
Black widow keyboard
Func gaming mouse
Turtle Beach xp Seven headphones/microphone
Saitek Pro joy stick/throttle, rudder peddles
Trackir 5 will arrive aprox. 2 weeks.
Internet down load speed is approx. 12/16 mb.
Team Speak is configured with ATAG
Have installed Stumovovki Cliffs of Dover IL-2 w/updates ?
Downloaded the 2 manuals you mentioned having hard copies made will be my home work for the foreseeable future.
Thanks again Slider

Jan-16-2014, 10:24
^You're going to murder the game with that set-up :p

Feb-05-2014, 18:58
If anyone needs help with the 110 I would be glad to help. I am on USA pac time and am usually on ts3 or PM me

Feb-10-2014, 18:59
It was great Fred.

Even Epoch and I was have some experience from before our knowledge was based only on our personal experience based on try and error self teaching system.
Now we know how much we was missed that way and how some things now have much more sense.

Thanks m8 it was great experience.

Mar-17-2014, 07:19
Having had training with Fidget at the start of the year, I can say that he is a very good instructor.

Among the things you learn is that improving your basic flying skills can be really easy. And the more you practice the better you get (I need to do more).

Muchly appreciated, Fidget.

Jan-12-2015, 03:39
Sorry this is a reply to thread, can't see how to post a new thread.

I need help, before this game goes in the pool . I'm bad, really bad.

Frustrated to the hilt with this.

Jan-12-2015, 04:57
Sorry this is a reply to thread, can't see how to post a new thread.

I need help, before this game goes in the pool . I'm bad, really bad.

Frustrated to the hilt with this.

Funnelweb - There is a Flight school section here http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=128

to create a new thread click the +post new thread button like in this picture 14712

don't forget to mention what plane you are interested in learnng