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SoW Reddog
Sep-20-2013, 08:44
Hi all,

Cliffs seems completely different to other games that I've mission built in, namely the ARMA series, in that people seem very reluctant to share their code and there seems to be very few decent tutorials for mission building out there. I didn't come from IL2 so don't have that knowledge base behind me and I am struggling to manage what I'd consider to be fairly simple things.

Is there a repository of multiplayer missions out there that can be downloaded and examined? I learn best from seeing something similar and then adapting it for my own needs, but this is hard with no examples around.

I guess with a small pool of people playing CloD and an even smaller set of those making missions that it's not unsurprising that people don't want to release their work or unique tools/resources for others to benefit from although it is quite disappointing and ultimately not very good for the community at large.

If anyone knows of any decent resources for this sort of thing, please let me know.


Sep-20-2013, 09:46
Hi Reddog,

I can help you out. Trust me in saying I wish I had more people wanting to make missions and add to the small variety of missions out there.

I'll PM you some stuff when I get off work, but you'll need to hop on TS so we can chat, to have it all make sense.

SoW Reddog
Sep-20-2013, 10:09
Bliss, that'd be really helpful. What time's best to catch you on TS? I've kept meaning to try and grab you but only seen you on once just as I HAD to leave - d'oh!

Sep-20-2013, 23:14
~S~ Bliss, I've some knowledge of IL-2's FMB and understand basic scripting concepts, have downloaded and installed MS Studio Express 2010 and would certainly enjoy any amount of guidance you'd share in putting it all together so I will be able to teach others in the years ahead of us... ty.

Reddog : I've posted a stripped down template with Read Mes in this forum called "Open Channel Starter Kit", for a bare bones free flight in Multiplayer. ~S~