View Full Version : Hey Guys ~S~ Back after a wee break...A Question if you please

Sep-29-2013, 05:19
Have we got to the bottom of these Launcher crashes yet..?

Installed the TF patch yesterday am am really impressed..A job well done

Though didnt take long before the smile disappeared.... Flying the Mk2 around for a long time, when I finaly gave up the Altitude game and went low I see a nice big fat 110 to 'end'...then Launcher Crash..I didnt bother restarting

Sep-29-2013, 06:02
i was getting them nightly but since i upgraded the gpu its been smooth. not sure if its related....

Sep-29-2013, 06:33
Yo Jamz...Hows it hangin...?

Glad you are back on CLOD....

Have you removed the windows update...: (KB2670838)

This windows update causes crashes and conflicts....Remove and good to go...

Also there's a post on here somewhere that goes through a load of tweeks to help with that stuff....Master List here:





PS...Using TrackIR on all 6 DOF...like you said....and haven't looked back since.......I mean to say I can easily look back...in fact everywhere...if you know what I mean!!!...:stunned:

Sep-29-2013, 07:32
Well what system are you running?! And what version of Windows?

Sep-29-2013, 09:00
Hey Lew, Not bad dude, not bad at all..

Ok il check out that thread, cheers

System: Athlon CPU @ 3.50
ATI 6950 2gig
GSkill 8gig Ram
Win 7

In a nutshell

Sep-30-2013, 13:32
I recently updated my GPU driver then had to roll it back to original because of crashes, something to check if you have updated drivers after a break away from PC


Sep-30-2013, 14:22
Is your windows 7 64 bit of 32?

Sep-30-2013, 15:32
Hey Lew, Not bad dude, not bad at all..

Ok il check out that thread, cheers

System: Athlon CPU @ 3.50
ATI 6950 2gig
GSkill 8gig Ram
Win 7

In a nutshell
What type of Athlon?! And is it windows 64 bit or 32 bit? 32 bit windows will give the game constant crashes due its limitation with Ram. only allows 3.5gig no matter how much u put in the computer.

Sep-30-2013, 15:35
So, to summarize...

- Windows 32 or 64?
- Video driver version?
- Running any TS notifier?
- Do you have the dreaded windows update installed?

Sep-30-2013, 16:15
Hiya Jamz, good to see you back mate. I wondered where you'd been.

Launcher crashes as per when you were last around as I recall are a thing of pre-history, so I'd start from scratch with a re-install, and make sure you're not running too much crap in the background. All has been crash free since TF 3.01 for most.

Welcome back. :salute:

Oct-01-2013, 05:50
Hey Hey Dutch..

Well Ive had quite a few recent hours of flying without a launcher crash so fingers crossed..I went through the checklist with DirectX, Netframework etc

My Op System is indeed 64bit
ATI Vid driver is the most Current (not third party)
Windows Update not present
And I literaly installed TS Notifer yesterday but havent tried it ingame yet..I want it there but obvioulsy il remove it if i get issues....I just remebered that program was giving me issues before when iu used it but who knows it may be OK now

Il keep you posted