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Oct-17-2013, 17:05
Hopefully the following will stop you bashing your head against a wall if you think you have a corrupt file once the .zip files are downloaded!

Everything is looking set for a release tomorrow evening (UK) as there are currently no game-breaking bugs rearing their heads since the final Release Candidate has started to be tested ;)

The following information will save you a lot of grief and is also a great guide for novices who wish to start playing the modded version of Cliffs of Dover.

There will be a torrent version and a a .zip file version as options for you to download the patch.

The .zip files will be called:

"Team Fusion 4.0 MOD Installer.zip.001"


"Team Fusion 4.0 MOD Installer.zip.002"

While extracting the .zip file version you may come up with an error and this has happened with a couple of the testers. Don't give up hope though! It probably isn't corrupted, it's just your .zip extractor can't read it properly (I use Winrar and it said it was corrupt).

If you haven't used 7-zip, download it here:


So-far 7-zip (and they aren't sponsoring us!) is the only one we have found that extracts the file with no issues.


Now, regarding the actual patching of Cliffs of Dover:

Patch v4.00 can't be installed over the original game, it has to be Team Fusion's Patch install, version 3.01

So if you haven't already updated your game you need to follow these instructions to get your version to TF v3.00, wonderfully explained by Philstyle:



Then just install patch v3.01 to the same location you created for v3.00 ;)

If you aren't sure after watching the video above or just want some guidance on how to extract and install Patch v4.00 check out this new video in preparation for the patch release created by Philstyle:



Cheers, TF

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Love Phills vids....He's a star!!