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Oct-18-2013, 14:37
Guys I could use some assistance - I'm a vet in IL2 1946 and RofF but a total rookie here - I managed with considerable help to get the controls "programmed" but I can't keep any of the planes level - they start a slow role to the right and left stick causes the thing to snap into a role to the left and the rest is back and forth - level flight seems impossible - the aileron trim doesn't seem to work and I'm sure the error is mine - if any of you have any suggestions as to what I missed or misprogrammed I would appreciate the advise - tks K9:thumbsup:

235 Sqn. Coldstreamer (QJ-X)
Oct-18-2013, 14:51
most of the aircraft didn't have aileron trim, except bombers so you can only trim up rudder and elevator. then fly with a little stick pressure to stop any role.

Oct-18-2013, 19:27
Bf.109, Spit, Hurri have fixed aileron trims tab adjust (as IRL) for specific speed - normally cruise.
If you go above the plane roll for one side, if you go slow for another. That is normal. :D

There is a legend that says is possible to fly Hurricane "hands-off" ... :thumbsup:

BTW - Fiat G.50 have adjustable trim for aileron.