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Oct-31-2013, 15:36
I have had trouble saving missions I have created in the FMB. I create and save in say the dogfight folder, or whatever folder, and move often than not it doesn't show up in the single or the dogfight or whatever list in game.
I am probably missing something simple.
I have had experience with IL2 ’46’s FMB but that’s a whole different thing as I am finding out.
Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
Thanks for any help

Oct-31-2013, 17:15
If you create a Folder "Dogfight" inside "Single Mission" Folder, in game to access
the you need navigate for this folder, click on yellow circle with two points to go
up to folder tree.
For default the game open the "Single Mission" folder when select this type.

Se mine - with some created folders:


The folders indicate with "}" are under "Single Mission".


Oct-31-2013, 19:21

Thanks for the info.
One more question, I noticed that when I save missions, sometime the FMB won't recognize the name I give it. For example, I can try and rename a pre-existing mission, and the FMB won’t save it with another name.
It seems sometime it won't save even ones I make that are unmodified and it still won't save them. Is there a format for saving missions I am not aware of?

Oct-31-2013, 20:35
Try set your CloD "launcher.exe" to "run at Administrator".

The folder ...:\Documents\1C SoftClub...Dover\ is market as "read only" (properties).

I try change this and always revert... but I am able to save missions with custom names.


Nov-01-2013, 12:08
Thanks much for the help!