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Oct-08-2011, 00:27
English Channel_1940


Hurricane (Rotol)
Hurricane (DH-20)
Blemheim IV
Tiger Moth

109 E-1
109 E-3
109 E-3B
109 E-4
109 E-4B
110 C-4
110 C-7

Red Briefing

Your orders are simple. Hurricane and Spitfire pilots are to escort your bombers attacking France. Search for enemy contacts in the form of fighters and bomber groups. Protect your vital RADAR stations and forward airfields! Heavy resistance is expected. Be watchful of AAA!

Blenheim Squadrons:

Intelligence has reported enemy ships off the coast of Wissant. Destroy those ships! We also have reports of various armored divisions hidden at abandoned airfields.

Your objectives are to destroy the enemy ships at Wissant and devistate the armored divisions at:

L12.6 - Objective German Vehicle Brigade.
M10.9 - Objective German Troop Transport

Blue Briefing

Fighter Groups:

Escort friendly bombers to their targets in England. Search for enemy contacts in the form of fighters and bomber groups. Protect your vital airfields and RADAR stations. Heavy resistance is expected. Be watchful of AAA!

Bomber Groups:

Intelligence has reported enemy ships near the coast of Hythe. Destroy those ships! We also have reports of tank divisions being assembled near Lyydd and Northbourne.

Your objectives are to destroy the enemy ships near Hythe and both tank divisions located at:

G12.7 - Hidden British Tank Regiment
I16.3 - Hidden British Armor

Expect all targets to be heavily protected by AAA!



I appreciate any and all feedback!

Thank you :)

Oct-09-2011, 14:48
Nice ..... Thx :coolio:

Oct-10-2011, 12:25
great job as usual mate! WOW the low level AA over those British tank parks is lethal, the chances of making it through a low level solo attack unharmed is at best 50/50, LOVE IT :) it encourages teamwork to divide the concentration of fire when you are on your bomb run, excellent stuff! i take my hat off to the mission builders and their battle against the constant frustrations of the game.

oh yeah, quick reminder about that dodgy Caffiers spawn point, that field is a dud at the moment i think!


Oct-11-2011, 13:48
Updated several German Airfields.

Added more AI and include some on the German side that will circle to get an escort. Huge formations btw.

Let me know how it runs.

Oct-11-2011, 16:33
Anyway I can drag a wagon behind my Spit to have just a wee bit more ammo? :P Yea, I guess not. Just means I have to make every bullet count, huh. :coolio:

Oct-23-2011, 15:10
Updated mission:

Targets are now grouped for both sides - 1 successful bomb sortie should be able to take out an entire group (land objectives) There are 3 groups at each objective. So with 3 successful sorties you should be able to take out a land objective (both red and blue) There are 4 land objectives total.

Reworked AI - found faults in my script causing some air groups not spawning. - Should be fixed.

Reworked several airfield spawn points.

Changed Pihen field's 109's correctly to a fighter group / not bomber.

Changes all based on the wonderful feedback everyone has gave us.

Thank you! :dthumb:

Mission will be in rotation next server restart.

Oct-24-2011, 01:51
I like the new target setups, I'm going to have to learn to bomb with the Ju-88 to get it in 1 fell swoop! Nice and visible, but those tanks have a godawful amount of flak, makes JaBo missions a hairy proposition!

Nov-01-2011, 03:44
While flying Red on the ATAG COD server today I chased a couple of phantom flights in the area of F14 to F11. Every time I got close they disappeared. May be a glitch in the server setup or mission setup.

Otherwise it was a fun sortie - got a 109 on landing approach and winged a 110 that was attacking some Wellingtons over the Channel.

Nov-01-2011, 05:15
Yes Devil from time to time we still get reports on this. If you could have been around for this mission's inception you would have seen a lot more ghosting of planes. Thanks to Bliss's fine work on this mission it has become the mainstay on this server and a lot of time and effort was spent getting it to that point. With that being said I hope you have a great time flying on our server and cheers!

:dthumb: ATAG_WatchMan.

Nov-11-2011, 12:09

Changed more spawn points. Moved around bomber landing zones.

It appears that some of the landing spots cause the AI planes to bounce around (litterally) and never despawn. I flew over one field with 30 parked planes and bombing them had no effect. I flew over this area twice and crashed both times (CTD). So hopefully that alone will help some of you out with the crashing..

New version will appear next mission restart..

Dec-13-2011, 12:31
Hmmm... I think it would be good to give us an update on the situation guys.

Penalty, how long etc...

If I am killed in the air, how much do I have to wait in my plane before re-spawning? ;)


Dec-13-2011, 13:02
@GRAthos, Well the penalty should last no longer than 2 minutes, however it's best to just disconnect from the server and then reconnect. I know it's not perfect, but I'll work on it.:Grin:

Thanks for your comment.
S! ATAG_WatchMan.

Dec-13-2011, 14:34
Thanks Watchman , so you are the C++ wizkid of ATAG :dthumb:

It is a great solution.

It was just that Sokolik PKed me :sad!: and naturaly, I exited, selected a new plane and pressed create. And then...saw my Bf turning to spare parts :laugh1