View Full Version : Just about to hit $32million

92 Sqn. Philstyle (QJ-P)
Nov-26-2013, 12:55
refer to thread subject line :stunned:

Nov-26-2013, 13:55

Is this 92 Sqn. Philstyle (QJ-P) character turned into a bot? Spyder bot? God have mercy on us...

Nov-26-2013, 20:46
It's just bloody daft. Somehow this bloke has convinced the gaming populace that handing over money is a badge of honour. The more money you hand over, the bigger the badge. My badge is tiny (haha) but I've already spent more than $500.

It's all about getting to the next 'stretch goal', and a million dollars can be pledged in a couple of days. Everyone is signed up to getting Mr Roberts to the next 'Stretch Goal'.

We should be thinking more of Mr Shevchenko, and why his site to gather further crowdfunding seems to have been forgotten.......

Combat Wombat
Nov-27-2013, 00:18
Just grab the $30,00 dollar one I said to myself Well 1 hr later I had spent just over $360 and downloaded :stunned:

SoW Reddog
Nov-28-2013, 04:22
Like a numpty I managed to buy a single ship not the game package, so I'll be melting down my nice new 325 and buying it again with the game package...

Its really quite amazing the money that seemingly sane people are willing to spend on this game. It cracked me up yesterday reading the forums that people are already contemplating strategies, tactics, have created clans, artwork, signature blocks etc. How the hell can you strategise for a game which hasn't even been written yet? Bonkers.

Nov-28-2013, 05:21
I just realized its that space thingy game you guys talking about. Have you found E.T. yet?