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Nov-30-2013, 18:05

Iam in love! Unfortunatly i have a Freelancer and a Super hornet!

Dec-01-2013, 04:56
Just watched this fantastic video http://youtu.be/06Un1pEr5tA and it makes me very interested apart from one little phrase used at the beginning 'Would you like to play with friends or with strangers, kind of like an MMO?' The rest of the video makes it sound like a normal MMO but I keep thinking about that initial question.

In what way is the MMO only 'kind of'? Do you only get to fly with a restricted number of people, a bit like a IL2 Co-Op, then the results get melded back into the overall universe? If that is the case then how do you get to be a pirate and attack mining ships? Are they only AI?

Dec-03-2013, 14:56

Stribog mod ship