View Full Version : Looking for throttle controller

Dec-04-2013, 12:50
As the post suggests, I'm looking for a throttle.

Been scouring ebay for a decent price one, but not many out there that aren't jumped up in price.
I'd like a combat throttle more like the x52's, rather than a Saitek throttle quadrant, if anyone has a spare lying around.

Crossing my left arm over my chest to reach the built-in throttle tab on my Logitech 3D Pro catches the headphone/trackir cables in my armpit.
Worse than getting pit juices over the cables, it sometimes prevents me from 'looking over my shoulder' in-game.
I'll put down 60% of my deaths to not being able to check my 6........not my terrible flying :P

Dec-05-2013, 10:33
As an alternative, you can get the X45 HOTAS usually very cheap on EBAY and is stiil used by a lot of peeps (X45 throttle unit plus a better yoke that is!). The X45 Yoke is then used as an auxillary button bay. One advantage of the X45 Throttle is that it is very easy to service/replace the Rotaries (unlike the X52) and of course - you can programme it with the SST Saitek Software.

Dec-05-2013, 14:59
I think we can call this one solved!

Thanks for the tip, Evangeluse.
I actually saw an X52 throttle standalone auction on eBay and got it pretty cheap.
Now I'm just fantasizing on what I can bind to all those throttle buttons.


Dec-05-2013, 21:16
you can't go wrong with a X52 throttle....It would be my choice along with the CHproducts pro throttle...Nice find!

Dec-14-2013, 14:13
The Cougar Throttle is probably one of the best throttles on the market, and I thought they would be cheap to pickup on Ebay, so I just checked. Wrong.... I think they want more for them now. For those that still use the Cougar, there is a dongle out now that allows you to disconnect the Joystick from the cct.