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Dec-04-2013, 19:36
Issues experienced with the track recorder (TF 4.00):

1. Moving objects (like ships) do not seem to move in the tracks - with one result that bombers throw their bomb load far off the targets.
2. After releasing all of the bombs, the bombs are displayed again on the aircraft.
3. In a twin-engine aircraft (maybe also in a single-engine one) a shot down engine is running and running. Only if you turn off both engines after landing they stop running.
4. Clouds are not displayed.

Not a bug but as an improvement proposal that would save a lot of time creating the different scenes afterwards: A reverse function in the playback menu would be great!


Dec-04-2013, 20:13
Hi Dui

The list you mentioned has been bugged since last official release. Its not TF4.0 related but it has travelled till now. I also has noticed that some time ago when i tryed to make a movie on how to bomb ships with E3/B and to my surprise the ships where i was dropping the bombs were not on the track.

All the other things you have mentioned are on "wish list" but it seems its impossible to have, so ive understood from this post of Colander: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6920&p=74318&viewfull=1#post74318

Dec-05-2013, 07:57
Thanks for the infos, Lolsav!

A shame that a reverse function does not seem to be possible. Next time, I will cut the interesting scenes out of the long track by using the record function in the track player - this might save some time.