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9./JG52 Meyer
Dec-08-2013, 09:44
9./JG52 is a virtual squadron consisting of like minded Pilots from Europe and the United States currently flying in Cliffs of Dover and gearing up for our new posting on the eastern front in Battle of Stalingrad.

We are focused on team play, tactics, tactical training and having an all around great time while we are at it.

We fly full real sorties, historical battles and campaigns, along with competitive squad actions.

9./JG52 are recruiting experienced virtual pilots that are looking for Teamwork first and foremost.
If you are an offline pilot looking to jump into the multiplayer side of CLOD then you are most welcome
as are pilots already flying multiplayer missions but looking to join a virtual squad

If you are the type of pilot that will protect his mates even if it means giving up a kill, have good situational awareness, a good sense of humor and are willing to attend training, jump into our channel on TS3 and talk to us, we are a friendly bunch.

Any one interested in joining us please post in our forum http://9jg52.net/

9./JG52 Meyer
9 Staffel (Karaya)
JG 52


9./JG52 Hans Gruber
Apr-12-2014, 09:18
Welcome to the squad Schuck & Batz!!

9./JG52 Ziegler
Apr-12-2014, 09:33
Welcome to the squad Schuck & Batz!!

+1 Welcome Rotte 4 Batz and Shuck, a great addition to our merry band. :salute:

9./JG52 Meyer
Apr-17-2014, 12:35
Welcome Batz and Shuck

" Hals und beinbruch "

9./JG52 Steiner
Apr-19-2014, 15:28
Welcome to the squad Schuck & Batz, you have joined a great unit :thumbsup:

Apr-21-2014, 09:24
A Great Squad.....~S~

9./JG52 Meyer
Apr-21-2014, 18:53
Salute Lewis :thumbsup:

May-28-2014, 19:59
Hi all! I am Stab/JG52_Di'O in game. We have pilots from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, fly usually at 21.00 (+4 Moscow), are happy to see that we aren't lonely in JG52. We cover SG2 "Immelmann" which meanwhile don't fly in CloD, but it happens soon.
We fly only on Bf109, we team of fans of history and team flights.
Sorry my English, i use the translator.

9./JG52 Meyer
May-29-2014, 04:35
Hello D'iO
Thanks for the post , nice to see our Kameraden in another Staffel of JG52 are soon to be flying CLOD.
You will have a great time ,if you see any of the Karaya Staffel around please make contact it would be a pleasure to fly with you or your friends.


9./JG52 Meyer
Oct-02-2014, 15:16

Oct-02-2014, 17:47
I try to register but I can't do it...

what do you mean with this ???

what must I do with this ???

(Spell Karaya backwards.: This question is a means of preventing automated form submissions by spambots.)

9./JG52 Meyer
Oct-04-2014, 19:40
Hi mate just type ayarak into the forum registar when it asks you to

9./JG52 Hans Gruber
Oct-05-2014, 08:41
We are please to welcome our newest member, Chumleigh aka 9./JG52 Woelfel. :salute:

Oct-05-2014, 08:48
We are please to welcome our newest member, Chumleigh aka 9./JG52 Woelfel. :salute:

:salute: & viel Gl├╝ck :alcohol:

Oct-05-2014, 18:37
You guys lack a good backup from a 110 unit, just admit it. Anyway if you like 109 and a great bunch to fly with , look no more , this is it

9./JG52 Meyer
Oct-06-2014, 10:54
Salute! Luskofte :hpyflying:

Oct-06-2014, 20:47
Hello Meyer...

please can you check... Am I a 9./JG52 member ?

I send to you one message in ATAG forum... and one message in 9./JG52 forum...


9./JG52 Meyer
Oct-07-2014, 17:42
Hello Sw1ive you have registered on our forum , But are not a member of 9./JG52.
I have sent you a PM in regards to the correct procedures and protocol


9./JG52 Meyer
May-24-2015, 19:13

9./JG52 Ziegler
Jul-17-2015, 21:35
Congratulations and welcome to our newest member 9./JG52 Reinhart. :thumbsup:

Jul-17-2015, 21:41
Good work, 9./JG52! He's a killer.


9./JG52 Reinhart
Jul-18-2015, 19:54

9./JG52 Mindle
Jul-18-2015, 20:56
Deadly, deadly squadron. [emoji106]

9./JG52 Lopp
Jul-19-2015, 19:11
Welcome Reinhart! and thanks for the kind words Mindle.

Jul-20-2015, 12:13
Reinforcements of my escort is always welcomed :) :thumbsup: :goodluck::skydive: