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Dec-11-2013, 18:37
Hello ,
My 22in Westinghouse monitor is about to give up the ghost , so after alot of research I have settled on the BenQ XL2420TE with 1ms and up to 144mhz refresh rate .
it will be paired up with an Nvidia 3mb GTX 660ti that I'm currently using . Are there any of you using the BenQ series ? and if you don't mind sharing , what are your monitor settings ?
I'm looking for a setting input that I can use as a base and tweak it from there ..I have heard the monitor is excellent for FPS games , but I want to tweak it to run good on CLoD as well .

Thanks in advance ,


Dec-11-2013, 18:48
I use one, and its a great monitor, as far as settings there are 3 presets for the monitor, you can just adjust them and save it to one of the presets. fairly easy set-up. I also use two EVGA 680's 4GB SLI, the performance is really nice. Although you might get green smoke every now and then, The best way to solve this is reboot the game or go to single player then back out and go into Multiplayer.