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9./JG52 Reinhart
Jan-21-2014, 20:37
If you look in my previous thread Lewis mentioned something along the lines of "if you have a skin with the spiral spinner you can apply the nose art to any skin" (something like that I think).
Well I found this skin that has just that, so if any 109 pilots would like to use it and or add this to their current skin you're more than welcome!



Jan-21-2014, 22:12
Thats it....Have you tested it to see if it works?....

9./JG52 Reinhart
Jan-22-2014, 20:05
Not yet, but I will ASAP and let you know!


Jan-22-2014, 21:46
Do you use photoshop?

Jan-23-2014, 07:48
Check this also out:


Good luck

Jan-23-2014, 10:27
Ok....Nice work ProArmis...Now we have something to work with....

So, with no offence to your friend who gave you the spiral airscrew...I think that the one that ProArmis has found is a whole lot better....so Now we have found a good skin with spiral airscrew......Next I have localised these areas on the skin and mono-coloured everything else....Now the hard work is done we can put the spinner on any 109E skin you have Hermann...I just need you to give me the skins you want the spinner on and I can do it...Free of charge..hehe!!

you can get them to me via a filesharing site or just post them up on here via photobucket....



9./JG52 Reinhart
Jan-25-2014, 21:49
Thanks Lewis and sorry for the late reply!
I will browse some skins tonight and see which one I like :)
On a side note: my computer is really bugging out so I'm going to have to wipe within the next few days and after that I will be offline for a day or 2.
But once again thank you!

Jan-25-2014, 23:07
Rgrt Hermann..If you jus let me know which skins you want the spinner on I can do it for you...no problem....no rush now I know you have seen my offer....~S~

9./JG52 Reinhart
Jan-26-2014, 01:38
Lewis you really are the best!
Thanks so much!

Jan-28-2014, 13:41
Jo friends..it seems there is a real need for a spiral spinner :-)

For closing this gap I would like to provide also a enriched version (without weathering effect; 2048)
of the template. You can take this also to change the color if you like.


And here is the Template (2048 version)


Have fun