View Full Version : American and Canadian Volunteers

Jan-25-2014, 09:39
If there are any colonials from the U.S. or Canada who are interested in the "real deal" flight ops then you should seriously consider joining the ACG. Dots and I are members of No. 615 Squadron RAF and there are other guys flying for the Iron Cross "Pitti, Mason, and Druid just to name a few. These vets will see you thru the initial stages, get you up to speed on how things really worked back in -the day- and before you know you will have your own assigned aircraft and belong to the best flight simmers around today. I encourage you to contact Osprey, Commander of the RAF detachment ACG or Pitti who runs the Luftwaffe side of things or any other member of the ACG to begin the best experience a flight simmer is going to find. We look forward to seeing you in the clouds - K9Katt:thumbsup: