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Feb-01-2014, 01:23
Please join us on the No.401 Squadron Public Server on Saturday night at 9:30pm for an escort event.

We have a 25 user Teamspeak server that would probably be capable of handling any of the Red players who'd like to join us. Come on over and we'll organize our defense of England! T331. DARKSTARLLC . COM, port 10336

Blue players should organize together as best they can (maybe an ATAG TS channel can be used?) and be prepared to escort a formation of bombers to a target over England randomly selected during the mission. Flight plans will be logged in the briefing and the bombers will report their position at various points during the flight. Targets are RAF airfields! Any successfully conducted mission to drop enough kgs of bombs on an airfield will result in Blue victory! Three bomber flights will be sent in succession, one every 45 minutes.

This is also partly intended as a test for our server in order to generate performance data for larger numbers of players in advance of a larger campaign.

So please come on by and enjoy some organized combat high in the sky.


Feb-01-2014, 02:40
:thumbsup: Hoping to attend. 9:30 Toronto time, right? Right.

Feb-01-2014, 06:44
Hi Wolverine,

I'd like to join in but if it is 21:30 Toronto time then it will be too late for me on GMT.

Septic. :salute:

Feb-01-2014, 17:44
Yes, sorry. 9:30pm EST Toronto, Canada time.

Feb-02-2014, 00:05
Great fun guys! That last combat over the 111s heading to Southend was pretty epic. I was weaving and dodging a couple of 109s while trying to catch those 111s but just couldn't do it. I think I managed to pop one of you as you flew past. Then I had a great shot but was out of ammo just as the bombers dropped their bombs.

If the 4.01 patch isn't out this coming Friday, we'll do it again! Same time: 9:30pm EST

Also, if you 109 pilots could let me know how the server was running when you were escorting the 18+ that'd be great. I didn't experience any slow down during the entire match and didn't find any rubber banding with the bombers either.

Feb-02-2014, 00:32
I think I managed to pop one of you as you flew past

Yep, that was me with my wing on fire, demonstrating my unique ability to position myself directly in front of the opposition... or shielding the bombers from your guns as I prefer to call it. :)

Your server ran fine, no lag or hiccups while we escorted or engaged....and we managed to find the bombers every time.

Most importantly, it was fun....cya next Saturday No.401.:thumbsup:

Feb-02-2014, 00:59
:thumbsup: Good fun! That last bomber run was definitely exciting! Ran flawless and smooth from my side. Thanks for having us, and thanks Devil for joining me on TS :salute: Hopeful to do it again next weekend.


Ready :

The attack begins!

Feb-02-2014, 22:22
Very cool! Nice shot of the beginning of that combat, Freya.

I'll work on adding some more communication from the bomber groups to help Blue pilots find them if they miss one or two reports.

Feb-03-2014, 05:50
Wolverine, if you need a server for all then you can use ours, it's 75 slots (I think). It's a Saturday so should be fine, and it'll give our guys something to join in if they wish to.

Just an option for you.

PS, you make some really immersive missions, love the art you put into the airfields.

Feb-04-2014, 15:54
The most time you'll ever spend on the ground in the game is at your home airfield, so why not make 'em look good!

Thanks for the offer. We may indeed take you up on it.