View Full Version : Altitude bombing in Blenheim and Br20

Mar-01-2014, 12:52
I've tried but I didn't have much success in using the manual bomsights. I'd like to have some lessons on that, I'm usually free from Moday till Wednesday from 21,30 CET.

Mar-01-2014, 14:18
Hi, Marcast.

Next time I see you, I will take the time to show you some things.

It may just be one thing we can fix to get your accuracy improved.

My preferred ceiling for bombing is 12-14,000 with the Blenheim. For now.

I'm able to hit ships from 8,000 ft and hangers from 13,000.

Since learning how to level bomb from 10,000+, my survival rate has improved dramatically and also my chances of even making it to target.

Cheers, Mate.

Mar-01-2014, 16:27
Ill do the same with the BR20.