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Mar-14-2014, 02:54

The big Defense of the Realm mission we've been running for the last while appears to be a bit much to ask of the couple or so players who venture over to our server (great for organized groups, but not so much for the average public wanderer), so I've begun creating simple little missions that, while still using the big BoB map, are designed to give enjoyment to smaller numbers of players. They're intended to be fun, historically themed if not historical, and offer a challenge to individual skills.

The first of these is now up!

Mission: Dowding's Inspection

Concept of Operations: Air Chief Marshall Dowding is inspecting Hawkinge Airfield and the enemy has found out! The ACM likely to be found in a British racing green sports car parked near various airfield installations as he makes his tour. He might also be down at the local pub near the church on the eastern side of the field having a meal and a chat with his pilots!

RED Objective: Protect the ACM at all costs. There are several decoy vehicles around the field, so it might take the enemy time to get the right one. Let's hope luck is on our side. His inspection will take about an hour and then he returns to London and relative safety.

BLUE Objective: Destroy the Tommy commander's car before he gets away! He's probably taking a nap in it, the lazy Englander.

Special Notes: The mission makes use of: Salmo's Random Weather, Vogler's Frontlines, TheEnlightenedFlorist's despawn scripting, randomized target (the correct vehicle to destroy will be different each time the mission runs)

RED Aircraft: Hurricane Mk.I Rotol 100oct, Spitfire Mk.Ia 100oct
BLUE Aircraft: 109 E1/E3/E4, 110 C4, JU87

Like I said, simple and goofy, but I think a lot of fun. Please give it a go! It should work very well with smaller numbers of players such as sometimes occurs during the North America evening hours and it will rotate quickly (ever hour).


SoW Reddog
Mar-14-2014, 06:23
Hahaha. Good idea.

Mar-14-2014, 12:28
Hi Wolverine,
I've been checking in from time to time at the No_401 site but don't see references to your missions other than the major ones. I wanted to get the times, server name and TS info but not successful.

It's probably me not gleaning enough out the info you already have there somewhere but do you have a specific forum that will have this information that is easy to acquire when signing onto the main page?

Cats . . .

Mar-14-2014, 14:03
I'm assuming you're referring to our campaign co-op missions.

Currently all campaign missions have been on hold while awaiting fixes for the 'lawn-dart' ai issues. Once the new patch ai has been reviewed, those campaign missions will be renewed.

We are intending to redo the previous campaign's missions (a 32 mission Battle of Britain epic that follows historical events from June 1st through to the end of September) with an eye towards allowing some BLUE pilots to participate (several automation adjustments required for use on the Dedicated server). Once that's ready, more info will be posted.

However, if the AI fixes do not make the AI aircraft reasonably competent even this might be prevented.

The 1941 campaign utilizing dynamic campaign objectives, dynamic AI defense of France, etc. will remain a private 401/450 campaign for now.

I will make sure to get a more detailed and informative section onto our forum regarding our Public Dedicated Server.


Mar-29-2014, 22:37
Until further notice all 401 Squadron Campaign events are closed to non No.401 or |450| members.

Apr-03-2014, 12:06
Update: Blenheim pilots invited to participate. See new information post.