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Mar-22-2014, 10:57
Hi All

Over at the official Assetto Corsa forums they run a weekly Hot Lap Challenge. Each week a different Car and Track combination is selected and everyone has until the Sunday of that week to do their best Hot Lap. Whilst awaiting multiplayer functionality in the currently early access title, It might be fun for us to run an ATAG version, so here we are.

All you need to do is to add me as a Steam friend (ATAG_Naz) and use the ingame Hot Lap mode to do some laps with the nominated car/track combo. When in the car move your mouse to the right of the screen to open up the "apps" menu. Down the bottom of the list is the Friends hot lap app. If you activate that you will be able to see the hot lap times from anyone in your steam friend's list that has completed a valid time for that combo. You only need to add me as a friend as a minimum so I can see your time, but if you want to see the times of other competitors in this challenge in your list, you will need to have added them as Steam friends as well. It only records laps made in the actual "hot Lap mode"... so if you've done a faster lap in a race or in a practice session, those laps are NOT recorded.

I propose the following general "rules" for the challenge, bearing in mind this is in no way intended to be a serious competition, merely a bit of fun between friends;

1. Challenge runs each week until the end of Sunday wherever you may live. Given the time zone differences I may be a bit late posting results so the "end of Sunday" is a very rough border ... basically, If your time is in the list whenever I manage to post the final results screenshot, you were in. Please also make a post in the relevant weekly challenge thread that you are in that challenge.
2. Use whatever car setup up you want (tyres, gears, suspension etc.). I have not delved in to adjusting car setups yet, but a weekly challenge might be a good incentive to learn how!
3. Use whatever driving aids you want .. Not all of us have wheels/pedals but are using gamepads or their Flight Sim HOTAS. Its only a bit of fun so if you need help getting around the track by all means use aids .. perhaps just let us know In the thread if you are as a courtesy. Remember, the cars in Assetto Corsa use real world functions...so if a car has ABS in the real world, it will have it in game even if you have all aids set to off.
4. Have fun with it...and don't take things too seriously!
5. Winner gets a moonlit walk on the beach with either Marmus or Lolsav. depending on availability

OK...I have selected a car/track combo for the first challenge. The car I've chosen is one I've not driven yet...may I present...

The Lotus Elise SC Step 1...

... and we will be visiting Imola

World Record is currently: 2:06.740

How we select future combos is certainly up for discussion as well.

So the challenge for week 1 is open and will run for just over a week until the end of Sunday 30 March (give or take).

Good Luck

Mar-22-2014, 11:02
Ok, I'm in (obviously)

Pro settings (no aids):thumbsup:

Mar-22-2014, 11:21
Don't let Ziegler see this...He will be all over it :)

Mar-22-2014, 14:50
I will check it out :) nicr NAZ,

Mar-22-2014, 20:49
I'll have a look at it Naz.
If only to find out how slow I am against other players!

Mar-22-2014, 22:26
Heh heh , that's exactly I am expecting from my times mate


Mar-23-2014, 08:47
I'll run some laps this afternoon!

Mar-23-2014, 08:58
I ran a couple laps just to register on your list. Turns are a mess.

Mar-23-2014, 16:42
Hey fellas

Just wanted to clarify the car selection .. I've seen a time in my list for the the Lotus Elise SC (which Is the standard version of the car) but I had actually selected the the Step 1 version in the OP. There are three versions of this Lotus so when you select it (Standard version initially) you need to push the circle with the spanner icon .. you will then be able to choose either the standard (STD) or Step 1 or Step 2.

I did not make this clear in the OP, so sorry about that.


Mar-24-2014, 01:41
Discovered something that maybe useful for others. When playing initially, the road surface looked washed out, as in bright sun reflection. Found out you can adjust the "exposure" using PageUp/PageDn.

It seems the recommended Field of View is 55-65 degrees, use this to start then experiment from there. I'm using about 50, but I'm slow (on the track that is). BTW I use the "in-car" view.

Mar-24-2014, 03:00
Well, if you're slow, then so am I ;)

... I've been watching your times steadily drop on the leaderboard and it looks like we are pretty evenly matched :thumbsup: I really don't think I can improve my current time any further until I learn how to use the pedals more effectively (both feet) and to use controlled drift ... I'm a long way off that !

Also exclusively driving whilst in-cocpkit view as well mate. Also using a H-Shifter for the cars (like this one) that have it rather than the wheel shifter flippers.

I've been experimenting with the HDR saturation and FOV as well; not sure if I have decided on final settings yet but I think its good to be able to change it all up (particularly handy to use hotkeys in-game) as between track, car and time of day .... I suspect I will use different settings based on changing in-game situation.


EDIT: if not aware, you can adjust FoV in game by using numpad + and - keys

Mar-25-2014, 03:40
Hi Naz,

Slowly inching towards your time!
I think the finding a good car setup would be one the keys to faster times. I have a general idea what all those things in the setup dialogue mean but how to combine them into something coherent is the challenge.

I bought a copy of the following:

Seems interesting and accessible to the average dude. Of course, written for real race cars but obviously this will translate to AC. I presume all the setup dialogue "works" in the game!

Some of the weight transfer ideas I know from my motorbike days.

Anyway, if you are interested, get a copy and we can compare ideas.


Mar-25-2014, 06:51
Hi Aus

Looks like an interesting read, I'll check it out. I found this guide on another Racing site;

Written for a different game but they say the principles apply to AC just as well. I've put the .pdf into my ipad and it will be good reading for the daily train ride to the office

I saw your time steadily dropping but it disappeared a few minutes ago whilst I was trying some more laps myself .. you might have accidentally hit the reset button? I'll check again tomorrow after work in case it re-appears and let you know.
EDIT: False alarm, I just re-loaded the game and your time is back in there mate ... :dthumb:

Managed to shave a tenth of a sec off my time tonight but Gorgon has us beat so far. I dabbled with some settings but have no idea what I was changing so I doubt they were actually what helped my nominal improvement today.. I think driving style will make a big difference (learning to brake/accelerate as per that video I posted earlier) ... all part of the learning curve !


@Marmus, I still haven't got those times you said you'd lapped mate? Have you got the right track/car combo?

~S~ all

9./JG52 Ziegler
Mar-25-2014, 07:12
Don't let Ziegler see this...He will be all over it :)

:) Yep Jamz, I've already sent it to Steiner too! :thumbsup:

I've been using only the in car view with no aids and about 70° field of view for the little amount of time I've put in. That FOV was from Iracing experiance. A little wide maybe but feels natural for me with TIR on. Tonight I'll have a go. I do like Imola track as it is fast and flowing. Love the old Lotus 49. What a beast.

Mar-25-2014, 07:23
I can see myself rapidly falling to the bottom of the leaderboard


9./JG52 Ziegler
Mar-25-2014, 07:34
I can see myself rapidly falling to the bottom of the leaderboard


Not from me Mate. It's true what they say about reflexes and youth. ;-) Need to dust my pedals and wheel off!

Mar-25-2014, 17:33
Not a whole lot on the Lotus you can tweak. I lowered the rear end a little and put the semi slicks on. Give that a shot and see how you get along. Don't try to over drive the corners and you'll pick up some speed. I still can't get the last two corners right.

Mar-25-2014, 21:19
BTW my Steam ID is "Red Time".
At the moment all I can see is Naz on the leaderboard - just below me -hehe!

Mar-26-2014, 00:20
BTW my Steam ID is "Red Time".
At the moment all I can see is Naz on the leaderboard - just below me -hehe!

Told you I was going to slip down the board LOL.

To see other's hot lap times in the Leaderboard app, you need to have them as Steam friends too I believe.:salute:

EDIT: Just did an hour or so of more laps .... aaaaarrgghhh....soooooooo close yet so far !!

Mar-26-2014, 20:46
It get's worse! Dave set a low 1:12!

edit: but not too low - who will be first to 1:11!

Mar-28-2014, 21:24
Ouch! .. good time Aus!

I am struggling to beat my PB now ... I reckon I have another 1-1.5 secs I can slice off as there are several sections in the track where I am able to beat the ghost car of my current PB, but I just cant manage to get all of those improved sections together in the one lap! ... so frustrating at times but so much fun as well. I will keep trying though

Mar-29-2014, 05:27
Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to devote this week. Hope that next week is better!

Mar-29-2014, 06:12
No worries mate, glad you've posted a time and are involved. Start having a think about a car/track combo for next week, happy for suggestions from all...I'm thinking of the new F1 Ferrari (312T) from the update and 60s monza?

Mar-29-2014, 20:28
Yup :thumbsup:

Mar-29-2014, 22:47
As you know, initially it is learning the "line", braking points, where to ease up, then it is tweaking the setup.
With my current setup I think a 1:10 is possible.

Mar-31-2014, 04:05
OK, chaps, results are in for Round 1...drumroll...

Congrats aus3620/RedTime. !!


Only three official entries unfortunately but its a start so hopefully we can get some more people involved next time.

I'll post the next challenge in a new thread shortly.


Mar-31-2014, 08:59
huh...my times did not show up. Even on my own leaderboard...I saw all three of you guys, but my time was never listed. Perhaps I was TOO slow, LOL! or my car/settings were set differently, so not listed?

Mar-31-2014, 10:41
Oh really?... That's weird. Maybe because you are using an x52 so have to use some assists perhaps that does make a difference after all?

Apr-01-2014, 02:45
You did have the difficulty set at "Pro"?

I cannot imagine a controller making any difference.

You need to record your times using "Hotlap". Check that you were using the correct method.

Apr-01-2014, 03:21
If Marmus was able to see our times it suggests he was using the correct "Hotlap" mode. In the threads on the official forums they also had the rule that assists were allowable if you wanted to used them, so I assumed it must be ok for different levels of assists to be used by different people; and the times would still show up in the leaderboard...maybe they and I were incorrect?


Perhaps try a hotlap with this week 1 car/track combo with no assists (Pro -Difficulty: doesn't matter how long it takes with your X52 LOL) - and we can test it mate?

Apr-01-2014, 03:58
I was looking for the hotlap stuff cant seem to find it. We need to get together and get running some laps lol!

Apr-01-2014, 04:26
Patience young Grashopper, multiplay racing will be enabled eventually! (sooner rather than later we hope) ... As soon as they enable multiplayer, we need to set up some sort of ATAG mini racing league here I reckon.


As for Hotlaps, there is a section (up top of GUI menu where you can chose practice/race etc...one of the options is hotlap ... thats the mode you need to select to get your times to show up in the leaderboard app I believe. I'm at the office now but when I get home I can make some screenshots with big yellow boxes added in paintshop to help you if you like mate.

You need to have the the person(s) as a steam friend if you want to see his/her time in the Leaderboard app as well as use the same car/track combo .... and we are not sure, but there may be a need for the same "difficulty level/assists" although that is not confirmed as yet.