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Mar-26-2014, 16:07
Dear Portuguese speakers,

The 'Beginners Guide' has been a great success in getting new players flying this wonderfull sim. It has shown that it is a first stop for many of the new players and eases them into a sim that at first can seem complicated and daunting. Hopefully this will get them to second base more smoothly and will secure our growth in population. I believe that it is therefore a good idea to have this document together with the 'Windows Management' Guide translated into different languages here on the forums. It can then be stickied at the top of each of the different language forums for new players who do not speak english.

This is something I can not do without the help of a translator. Google translate is not anywhere need as good as a speaker of both languages. So I am asking for someone to translate this document for me into their native language. I have the documents loaded in its basic form of a notepad file so as all the coloured text can be seen in text website format. The document will also need to be updated from time to time as we see more patches added however this is a minor task and I can help with this as and when it happens.

Please let me know if there is someone here who is prepared to help the Portuguese speaking Sim community in this way.

I will be editing this post and adding a download for the Notepad file.

I will be adding this post on the German, Russian, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French forums.

Here are the files...:


Both of these files are in notepad format but will be better opened in OpenOffice or Microsoft Word for ease of translation. All the scripting is there too which SHOULD remain in english as the website will not understand other languages so be carefull not to change that.

Please feel free to add your own twist on these files by re-writing what you see fit and also feel free to remove any of my text and remove my name on any of this too and please add your own name in its place.

After you have translated them save the file and 'Keep The Current Format'. This will save the documant in the notepad form and is easier then to highlight the whole text for copy and pasting into your post.

Once these are translated and finished make a fresh thread in your language forum with the heading of your desire and PM me .I will then get them stickied in your language forum and yellow headed to get them easily noticeable by new players.

Thanks folks...


Mar-26-2014, 16:12
Like i told you on the other thread i had alredy started... http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9626

Mar-26-2014, 16:16
Thanks Lol....Well thats good news then.....Only another 6 to go!!

Do you need the actual text with script as well?...I can give you that in a notepad file

Mar-26-2014, 19:23
Updated original post above with download link

Mar-26-2014, 22:20
Updated original post above with download link

A big salute for you Lewis and for you Lol for the initiative to have portuguese translated stuff into this forum! :thumbsup:

:salute: :salute: :salute: