1. Wait your damn turn!!

    I always try to keep these upbeat and positive but this one is a bit of a whine.....

    Recently, the sky's in the server seem to be getting fuller. As a result so are the airfields. Whilst mistakes it is still damn annoying to see so many pilots acting so disrespectfully to other's enjoyment of the game.

    So. A plea.

    On the ground

    If an airfield is busy taxi and go with the convention of taking off and landing in the direction of the yellow ...
  2. Chillax Maaaaaaaaan!

    So, here we are. 2 months in and needing more and more to refine the art of landing. Yes, that's right, landing!!

    Landing is good. It usually means that either there are no opponents or you survived.

    Landing after scoring is even better. So much better in fact that one begins to crave it. Kill, land, rr, take off, kill again........

    And, for me at least, this is where is all starts to.........well.......fall apart. I found myself chasing scores, diving ...
  3. 109s are RUBBISH!!

    So, probably week 4 or 5 of my taking things in and learning and its all generally going quite well. So what have we learned this week?

    We learned that Dexal’s B1 convergence settings work well for this pilot. Thank you Dexal for all the hard work you put into that.

    We’ve also learned that there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING in clod that is a big a buzz as being part of a large formation on your way to ruin someone’s day! Sure, bombing about in a rats nest of ...
  4. Shoot Straight and Stop Whining!

    Hello Again

    Tech V Technique

    firstly thinks Dave for the kind comments. Secondly, Thanks all on Teamspeak for the fun!! Thirdly, Thanks Moose for letting me shoot you down once in a while!!

    So.......heres a thing. Trawl around the net and you can quite quickly become convinced that its the IT thats letting you down. I have, and i did. Ping times, graphic settings etc etc. Truth is, and having had the benefit of my peer's opinions it turns out that i was ...
  5. BOOSTERBLOG - A not very official guide to CLOD


    This is blog one. Ill try to do one a week keep them brief. It has not purpose other than the support of my own narcissism but I hope it may just save someone a lot of time finding something out that isnt perhaps obvious at first.

    As such, it'll have no structure and will be based upon what i see in server, what i learn from listening to others and what i get to work as result of gawping at threads around the interweb.

    So - where to start? Well, ...