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  1. ***** Site

    Really outstanding site. Please keep it up......I'm catching up.
  2. Spitfire instruments, for Sim

    Hey All

    My Name is Corey and i new here, Just after some help

    I'm Building a Spitfire cockpit as a flight sim and i looking for anyone that has in the past made Gauges to fit into the instrument panel as a static display......I have found a few on GrabCad which is great as i can chuck them straight thru the 3D printer

    but my question to the group is do any of you have a full set of cad files for the gauges and if so would you be interested in sharing ...
  3. Australian forces

    Quote Originally Posted by 56RAF_stickz View Post
    Is there a reason there is no Australian army selection in the FMB (sure your SE neighbours find it funny)? Pattle and Buzz upset your guys so revenge was exacted
    No revenge here Stickz. I am an Aussie
  4. hi

  5. test

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