1. The Return

    The smell of aircraft exhaust penetrates my nostrils. A cold winter wind gusts through the open hangers as the clinking of metal drifts in the whipping air currents as the windsock tries to break free from its bonds. The crunch of fresh snow echoes under my feet as the sun dances low along the southern horizon.

    I walk around the hunk of frozen steel, my teeth chattering against each other as my hands glide over the control surfaces. My crew sits silently, staring off into the sun ...

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  2. Everyone Remembers Their First

    A reflection of my first ever flight in CloD, which took place on ATAG and luckily/unluckily happened to be my first engagement as well. I still had not discovered TeamSpeak or the chat window. I was pure green.


    The afternoon sun scorches the English countryside. Her cosmic radiation glistens off the newly polished canopy of my Spitfire. The ocean breeze feels refreshing as it hits the droplets of sweat building on my brow.

    Magnetos set to on. ...

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