1. Sorties 3 and 4 - Patrolling Dunkirk

    Today I flew two more sorties. It was the Dynamo map, which I like very much because all the action is concentrated at one area but you have lots of options to attack. There weren't many people on the server at the beginning, just around 35. But then more people joined before the map was rolled.

    So on to the reports:

    Sortie 3

    Brias - Freie Jagd over BEF concentration NW of Dunkirk.

    I took off from Brias in a Me 109 (Bf 109E-3) and headed ...
  2. Rebirth - And so it goes on

    I decided to not take a break this time and start counting the sorties right away.

    I flew my first two sorties of my new, third life. I really didn't write down the details, so they sort of got lost between the sorties. They were all dogfights over the ships in the Hellfire map.

    Sortie #1: 1 Spitfire, 1 Hurricane, landed with damaged radiators at Coquelle.

    Sortie #2: 2 Spitfires, 1 Hurricane, mission ended. No significant damage suffered.

  3. Sorties 23 and 24 - Thank you, FLAK!

    I am just so pissed! I still can't believe what happened just now on the server. I will start writing about sortie 23, though.

    On sortie 23 I took off from Coquelle in the Home Plate map to do a free hunt over England. There was just Eastchurch left to destroy.
    After climbing together with JV44 Rall to Halo 50, heading to Cap Gris Nez, we turned north to look for targets. About mid channel, the yellow message came up the mission was over. There wasn't even time to head back. ...
  4. Sortie 22 - Defending Abbeville

    Tonight I finished my 22nd sortie without dying. It all went well.

    Actually, I was getting ready to fly a campaign mission, but I mixed up time zones and ended up showing up 15 minutes too late, thinking I was 45 too early.. oh well.

    I then proceeded to our server to fly a single sortie. The first this week.

    I took off from Liegescourt and headed at Halo 40 to Abbeville. Going up and down the line, just listening to the radio to see where there were ...
  5. Feindflug 21 - Free Hunt over Littlestone

    Today I flew my 21st sortie. And didn't die.

    Headed out of coquelle for free hunt alone towards Deal. I arrived at Halo 65 and patrolled the area, looking for enemy aircraft. The only thing I could see was another Me 109 flying as high as me. We ended up going to Halo 75 hoping to find enemies high enough to bounce. No luck, though. I then decided to drop to Halo 45 over Littlestone, as there were lots of contacts there. It was the Littlestone Winter Map, so this was expected. Eventually, ...
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