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  1. Getting back in it!


    I've always loved the old flight simulators such as Combat Flight Simulators. But those were old and the computer I had finally took a dump on me. I'm looking to get back into the flight sim realm of gaming and I am especially interested in Cliffs of Dover due to the Battle of Britain being one of my favorite parts of history.
    I'm looking to either build a computer or buying one already setup to run this game at maximum performance. But I need help due to my inexperience ...
  2. Load Out Manager for RAF Fighters

    Quote Originally Posted by StiC View Post
    Easy installation. Run the utility from anywhere and point it to your user.ini file.
    Read from the user.ini file to update the utility with your latest changes.
    Manage all aspects regarding RAF fighters including regiment, callsign, markings and load out.
    Quickly add, remove and manipulate ammo within the Main and Residual Belts.
    Copy the load out of one weapon to any or all other weapons.
    Create, Manage and Delete Load out Presets.
  3. Thank you card

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    Thanks to everyone who has been working around the clock on Blitz 4.5, it's running great and we have been having a blast . Please leave a thanks note it you feel the same. Sawham

    Wanted to say thank you to all that work hard on 4.5. The sim is amazing the best I have seen out there. Great Job and Good Hunting.

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  4. 4.5 and the ESC menu

    Quote Originally Posted by 1lokos View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Fritzfaber View Post
    Have same or similiar problem: when I get out of mission with 'escape' - I 'm out of Game on Desktop ?!!
    Changing to 'pseudo' in Video Options doesn't help.
    Win 10, other things are running great!
    Just in case look at Controls > General if ESC is not assigned to "Exit the game" - usually Alt+F4 are mapped there.

    And delete the assignment for "Exit the game" = Alt+X - no one is used to this key ("bug" from original MG key
  5. 1lokos has just uploaded Dunkirk - Operation Dynamo SP Campaign "repack"!

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    1lokos has just uploaded Dunkirk - Operation Dynamo SP Campaign "repack"!

    Piper Kiev Dunkirk - Operation Dynamo SP Campaign, translated by SD_Ben "repacked" by Sokol1

    - Text adaptation
    - Added slides, pictures
    - Bf 110 behavior less "twist"
    - Added a extra mission (11th, by Sokol1)

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