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  1. Hello + "I am not a robot"

    New on CoD, french with some experiences with FB and 1946.
    first, to progress , I try to download single missions. If i well understood, I have to confirm "I am not a robot" by a post in this section. So, I do

  2. Salut à tous !

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    Salut tout le monde !
    Je me présente: Félicien, Ado passionné par les avions depuis sa plus tendre enfance !
    Je vole depuis quelque temps sur tout types de simulateurs (X-plane 10/11 particulièrement), et étant amoureux du spitfire, pas le choix, il fallait forcément que je vole sur il2 COD ! je me suis rendu compte aujourd'hui que je ne m'étais jamais présenté sur le forum, donc je le fais maintenant (Mieux vaut tard que jamais) !
    Par ailleurs, je suis en train
  3. Hello

    Hello my name ic Chris
    New on COD
  4. Newbies: "You need 1 posts to download this file."

    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldog40 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by 1lokos View Post
    You just need make a new post/thread in this section and post:

    I am not a robot. Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye"

    Thanks Dave look forward to flying with all you guys

  5. North Afrika Mod?

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    Heya guys, long time!

    Firstly, congratulations on the deal and getting the source code. Just been having a go in Blitz, stunning work.

    I remember there was a North Afrika mod in the works. I've looked for any word on it and cannot find anything. Is it still planned? And/or any other move forward in WW2 time?

    TIA and best regards.
    That would be awesome, great idea.
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