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  1. Best set up for Saitek x52 Flight Control System for COD Blitz

    Hi all, I just acquired a Saitek x52 joystick and throttle and whilst being very impressed with the kit I'm mystified by all the button options.
    Does anyone have any tips/tricks/inputs on how to get the best out of this?
    Many thanks
  2. Best hardware for a computer in my opinion considering best bet for money.

    This will change over time depending on new hardware.


    best singlecore performance, choose cheapest:

    Intel i7 8700k - 6 core 12 threads
    Intel i7 8086k - 6 core 12 threads

    coming out with possible similar single core performance but with 2 more cores:

    Intel i9 9900k - 8 core 16 threads

    If you are a heavy multi tasking guy and if you got a game that features multi cores very good:

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  3. Whats happened to the pilots?

    I have been busy myself over this summer, between ground school for learning to fly and joining the usaf aux, its been really busy. But when ever the chance i get to get on COD. Hardly anyone is on. I am hoping this is because of the summer and my bad timing. Would it be a good idea to co ordinate with the community as to when the best time GMT time to get on and what days are best so we can really get a good ole scrap in ? PLEASE ANYONE LET ME KNOW WHEN THE BEST TIMES ARE...
  4. Game crashes without any message immediately or shortly after a mission start

    Quote Originally Posted by I/JG2_Bouma View Post
    I have the same problem. Windows 10 version 1803.
    i5 2500k 4.2 Ghz 8 Gb 2133mhz GTX 970 TrackIR 5
    seems to be Microsoft .net ...?

    Solved by Moving my game folder from Steam to an SSD !
  5. Mary Ellis RAF (ATA) Spitfire Pilot passed away to-day (1919-2018 ) RIP

    Sad news to hear that Mary Ellis has passed away to-day full details of her outstanding career flying over 50 different types of aircraft with the RAF can be found in the link below, Gone but will never be forgotten ~S~ Mary.

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