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  1. NO BOMBS for the Blennheim and BR20 - Cliffs BLITZ 4.56 bug?

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    After the update (via Steam) from 4.55 to 4.56, empty update cache, i cannot load bombs any more. Also did a clean NEW install the same thing. This is for i think all bombers, tried a Blennheim IV. BR20, and a Heinkel 111 P2.

    Loaded a SP 'Sealion' mission (no 2), even set the player plane to include bombs in the Full Mission Builder, but the bays stay empty, also when you set bomb loads later via the 'loadout' option.

    IMO a real bug on my system, and makes this nice

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  2. Newbie

  3. help

    i need some help , patch site not loading

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  4. TFS Developer Update - Patch v4.54

    Quote Originally Posted by TWC_Fatal_Error View Post
    Marlow is not to be issued any parachute........Good work TF .......TWC Campaign server testing has been updated but mission server awaits Flugs magic fingers!
    Hy FT!.
    I am a "frequent flyer" on TWC server Mission, but notwithstanding there is a RED NOTE on the first line sayng that v.4.54 is equal to v.4.53 I am regularly refused by the server: what can I do? Is there a way to fly with the new version (automatically loaded by Steam)?
    Thanks a lot.
  5. Team Fusion Update: Die neue Karte

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    Danke DUI fürs übersetzen, und natürlich ein riesiges Dankeschön an das ganze Team Fusion Team, das tolles leistet !!!


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