1. A Tribute to Those Who Served.

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    Both my grandfathers fought in WW2.

    My Grandad Taylor from my mothers side was a sailor who sailed on a few different ships during the war most notably HMS Warspite and HMS Orion. He was based in Malta during WW2 and was involved in the battle for Monte Cassino when the ship he was on called to fire on Gaeta where German troops were forming to support the front line at Cassino. He sustained burn injuries to his legs when he had to run across a burning deck after his ship was bombed.
  2. Load Out Manager for RAF Fighters

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    Easy installation. Run the utility from anywhere and point it to your user.ini file.
    Read from the user.ini file to update the utility with your latest changes.
    Manage all aspects regarding RAF fighters including regiment, callsign, markings and load out.
    Quickly add, remove and manipulate ammo within the Main and Residual Belts.
    Copy the load out of one weapon to any or all other weapons.
    Create, Manage and Delete Load out Presets.