1. TFS Developer Update - Patch v4.54

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    Marlow is not to be issued any parachute........Good work TF .......TWC Campaign server testing has been updated but mission server awaits Flugs magic fingers!
    Hy FT!.
    I am a "frequent flyer" on TWC server Mission, but notwithstanding there is a RED NOTE on the first line sayng that v.4.54 is equal to v.4.53 I am regularly refused by the server: what can I do? Is there a way to fly with the new version (automatically loaded by Steam)?
    Thanks a lot.
  2. Upgrade Computer Build

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    After four years, the upgrade bug bit me again! I like to order computer parts from B&H Foto during the USA holiday season in November-December because of the extended dates allowed for returns, as well as their price guarantee during that period. Here are some observations of the Motherboard/Processor/Memory/SSD upgrade:

    ASUS TUF X299 Mk 1 motherboard: PROs: Has the features I personally like and works perfectly with CLoD. CONs: After a dozen or so uses, half of the SATA