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  1. Thanks

    Looking forward to being your wingman
  2. Never so much owed to so few by so many

    i have since left my squadron from STAB JG51. still need to get it back to just JENDAR on here, but may i say. To the folks of ATAG. i am deeply great full to all the hard work you guys have done to make this game what it should be from the beginning. the comrade i enjoy, the wisdom from other pilots and the click with others pilots when you are in battle is amazing. I HOPE EVERY ONE CAN ATLEAST DROP 5 BUCKS to keep the dream alive for us all towards there server. thank you so much to you all. ...

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  3. Wybor monitora

    Quote Originally Posted by MACHETTTTTE View Post
    Zróbmy tak, zedytuj pytanie, a ja je przetłumaczę i zamieszczę na forum anglojęzycznym. Może warto podać więcej modeli monitorów? Możliwe, że ktoś używa jednego z nich i Ci doradzi.

    Witam! Mam zamiar kupic nowy monitor glownie do gier RoF, CoD, FSX, wielkosc ok 29-32" tylko nie wiem jaki wybrac, 16:9 - 21-9 HD czy moze wiecej, panorama, zakrzywiony?Obecnie posiadam monitor 24" i celuje w cos wiekszego. Moj budzet to ok 300-350 euro.
    Moj sprzet Intel ...
  4. A plug for Clod and Team Fusion on Amazon

    Hi there all

    Eh would you believe it I had to reinstall CloD and now I have control issues but as a trawled the web for a fix I found this blog/message from a few years ago and eh the irony

    I posted the link to credit ATAG_ Kling for his intitial post but the story then was that CloD was a bit 'diffiult' before the TF patches and to ...
  5. Supermarine Spitfire TR.9 - takeoff and landing seen from the rear cockpit

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