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  1. STEAM Patch worked for me with windows 10

    Hi, everybody,

    I've purchased CofD a few years ago, worked fine with Team Fusion Patches, all of them, but I don´t really know why the game just stop initiate. I've left it for a while...
    Now I find myself again interested in all the new releases with the latest Steam Patch and I followed the install instructions and... it works in my windows 10!!!
    Just follow instructions by the letter. I decided not install after this STEAM Patch the TEAM FUSION Patches because ...
    Tags: steam patch
  2. Hello! Bonjour! Hallo! ¡Hola! 你好!Hei! Hej!

    New to the game and I can help with any of those languages (English, French, German, Spanish< Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian and Swedish)
  3. 109 Pilots, a helping hand for those who choose it :)

    Quote Originally Posted by BOO View Post
    Ah but we will have the Beau and nearly 6000 rounds of .303

    Wont kill em with all that metal but it'll damn well deafen em as it pings off it!
    It's not going to stop a 20mm or the deluge of rounds that will sail right past when your attacking from any angle but dead six!

    I thoroughly recommend this addition however
  4. Newbies: "You need 1 posts to download this file."

    Quote Originally Posted by 1lokos View Post
    You just need make a new post/thread in this section and post:

    I am not a robot. Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye"

  5. New to the club

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