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  1. 4.5 and the ESC menu

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    Have same or similiar problem: when I get out of mission with 'escape' - I 'm out of Game on Desktop ?!!
    Changing to 'pseudo' in Video Options doesn't help.
    Win 10, other things are running great!
    Just in case look at Controls > General if ESC is not assigned to "Exit the game" - usually Alt+F4 are mapped there.

    And delete the assignment for "Exit the game" = Alt+X - no one is used to this key ("bug" from original MG key
  2. 1lokos has just uploaded Dunkirk - Operation Dynamo SP Campaign "repack"!

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    1lokos has just uploaded Dunkirk - Operation Dynamo SP Campaign "repack"!

    Piper Kiev Dunkirk - Operation Dynamo SP Campaign, translated by SD_Ben "repacked" by Sokol1

    - Text adaptation
    - Added slides, pictures
    - Bf 110 behavior less "twist"
    - Added a extra mission (11th, by Sokol1)

  3. TF-Update vom 22. Juli 2017: Die letzten Schritte

  4. Upgrade Computer Build

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    After four years, the upgrade bug bit me again! I like to order computer parts from B&H Foto during the USA holiday season in November-December because of the extended dates allowed for returns, as well as their price guarantee during that period. Here are some observations of the Motherboard/Processor/Memory/SSD upgrade:

    ASUS TUF X299 Mk 1 motherboard: PROs: Has the features I personally like and works perfectly with CLoD. CONs: After a dozen or so uses, half of the SATA
  5. STEAM Patch worked for me with windows 10

    Hi, everybody,

    I've purchased CofD a few years ago, worked fine with Team Fusion Patches, all of them, but I donĀ“t really know why the game just stop initiate. I've left it for a while...
    Now I find myself again interested in all the new releases with the latest Steam Patch and I followed the install instructions and... it works in my windows 10!!!
    Just follow instructions by the letter. I decided not install after this STEAM Patch the TEAM FUSION Patches because ...
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