A look back at former developers

  1. Dynamix Part III: Desert Fighters and the end of an era

    (1998-2001) Desert Fighters

    Following the release of Red Baron II/3D, Dynamix began development on a new era of flight sims. Several different project ideas were put on the drawing board. With the advent of fully 3D accelerated graphics, new games in the genre would be radically different than what had been done before.

    In 1999, Dynamix announced their next project, Desert Fighters. Flight sims were experiencing a particular spike in popularity at the end of the

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  2. Dynamix Part II: AOD, A-10 II & Red Baron 3D


    It would be a few years before Dynamix would release another flight sim, but in-between two other interesting games would be released. The first was Aces of the Deep (later called Command: Aces of the Deep), a WWII submarine sim. The game allowed players to roam the Atlantic shadowing convoys as the captain of an infamous U-Boat. The game featured 3D graphics, wolfpacks, a career mode, and missions covering the Battle of the Atlantic. Aces of the Deep modeled a large ...

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  3. Dynamix Part I & Interview with Damon Slye

    A short introduction... I had the idea several months ago to look into an old favorite developer of mine, Dynamix Inc. Over time I did some research, contacted and corresponded with several ex-Dynamix staff, and put together a small three part series of articles covering the companies well known simulation games of the 90's. I will also include a couple of interviews and some other interesting looks at the development of those games. Some of the game features noted in this article sound typical ...

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