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  1. No repairs after turning the map???

    So what's the deal with repairs in this campaign? Blue turned the map last night, yet 12 hours later still nothing has been repaired. Have you changed the rules yet again without letting us know? This is the third time in a week you've changed the rules, when are you going to stop this nonsense? We've now wasted an entire day because you keep changing the rules. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior from anyone, let alone a moderator. The rules need to be clear and concise to avoid confusion ...
  2. I need 1 posts to download this file

  3. 1st Day

  4. Contrails High by Mysticpuma

    Quote Originally Posted by ATAG_Colander View Post

    Other possible names for the tittle:
    Spaghetti fight
    Mist Harp
    Comb the clouds

    Chemtrails 41
  5. major_setback has just uploaded Setback's MEGA STUKA PACK V.2!

    Quote Originally Posted by major_setback View Post
    major_setback has just uploaded Setback's MEGA STUKA PACK V.2!

    Setback's MEGA STUKA PACK V.2 (Improved colours).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ju87 emblems Mega Stuka pack V.2 a01.jpg 
Views:	157 
Size:	593.3 KB 
ID:	52307

    * Improved colours: reworked camo colours, emblems, codes, fuselage band etc.
    * 17 skins with markings and various unit emblems.
    * Generic skins summer/night (without markings).
    * Yellow-nosed schemes (2 types, plus yellow wingtips/fuselage-band).
    * Hungarian Brown/Green
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