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  1. Help! Newbie here!

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    Where can I find the key command assignments
    In game you'll find the controls in settings.

    In here, there is a list of each plane and controls needed. They are sticky threads in this flight school section.
    Game works after I assign new keys using the keyboard and joystick
  2. Dday

  3. 2doggs

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    Good evening. This is my first but surely not my last post. I'm looking to increase my knowledge base on WWII flight sims so I can log in and join the fun. I have several WWII European sims but I'm looking for one of the quality of DSCs and COD in the pacific theater. Any out there (Windows 7)
  4. Курилка

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    Сижу в сомнениях, запилить новую тему или...
    Дело вот в чём (вдруг кому-то понадобится, когда-нибудь).
    Заглючил у меня ТимСпик, выкидывало каждые 10 -15 минут, соединение автоматически не восстанавливалось, только перезапуск ТС! Переустановка не спасла, добавление в доверенную
  5. Spitfire

    Looking for advice on how to start the Spitfire
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