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  1. A plug for Clod and Team Fusion on Amazon

    Hi there all

    Eh would you believe it I had to reinstall CloD and now I have control issues but as a trawled the web for a fix I found this blog/message from a few years ago and eh the irony

    I posted the link to credit ATAG_ Kling for his intitial post but the story then was that CloD was a bit 'diffiult' before the TF patches and to ...
  2. Supermarine Spitfire TR.9 - takeoff and landing seen from the rear cockpit

  3. cant connect to teamspeak,anyone any help

  4. Check this for a pilot story....

  5. New pilot

    Hello , I am Philippe, new CLOD beginner pilot and I am very Happy to join the ATAG forums. Thank you for your différents addons and help.
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