1. 109 Pilots, a helping hand for those who choose it :)

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    Ah but we will have the Beau and nearly 6000 rounds of .303

    Wont kill em with all that metal but it'll damn well deafen em as it pings off it!
    It's not going to stop a 20mm or the deluge of rounds that will sail right past when your attacking from any angle but dead six!

    I thoroughly recommend this addition however
  2. EAF makes an impact in ATAG

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    We will bring 5 and 5 109s for that!
    Stop being a big girls blouse and take 5 bf110's and make a fight of it!
  3. Duxford 2016....The Jolly Boys Outing!!

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    Allies don't insult each other!
    Well.. that's not entirely true...

    I do it to Marlow all the time!
    It's compulsory to insult Moose.

    But that's ok cos he's a Knob