1. Default Aircraft Skins reset?

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    Hi all

    Got to say im really not a fan of the default aircraft skins in Clod - they appear a little too light.

    The darker versions - particularly spitfires and hurricanes look much better and more realistic - In my opinion

    Is there a way to reset or overwrite the default setting or aircraft skins?


    GREYCAPClick image for larger version. 

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    Sorry, there is no way for uses to change default skins. You can only ...
  2. Download Section is Locked

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    We just paid for this add on for a downloads section here. Hopefully others will start using it. See here:
    Thanks for that Bliss.
    Would it at all be possible for the skins section to include seperate folders for each of the aircraft? I'm not sure how the skin section is set up at he moment.
    Here are all of the aircraft folders, if you need them. All folders are collected in this zip file (empty folders only). ...