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January Goal: 250.00
Due Date: Jan 31
Total Receipts: 225.00
Below Goal 25.00
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Thank you for clicking on the Donations button. To maintain ATAG's high quality of service, we need your help! ATAG's Axis vs Allies server is $249.99 monthly. We operate it 24/7 at no cost to the player, we welcome any and all to fly the virtual skies as often as desired. To do this, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

- The ATAG group
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 Many thanks to our recent donors.
 Name Date USD

  FG28_matkenhaus Jan-23 9.31
  Yo-Yo Jan-23 4.5
  gonk Jan-22 4.5
  faf956 Jan-20 4.5
  ATAG_CrusaderOne Jan-20 4.51
  JackMaXX Jan-9 9.31
  freewheel Jan-9 14.26
  [MORK]Dedagain Jan-9 9.31
  Gatto Pardo 23 Jan-8 14.11
  ATAG_Kulea Jan-8 14.11
  ATAG_Scones Jan-6 9.31
  ATAG_Invictus Jan-4 9.33
  Rapier07 Jan-2 9.33
  ATAG_Knight Jan-2 14.11
  ATAG_Jeepy Jan-1 14.11
  ATAG_DRock Jan-1 14.26
  ATAG_Snarglepuss Jan-1 14.26
  ATAG_Noofy Jan-1 14.11
  AKA_Blasto Dec-31 23.77

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