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May Goal: 529.54
Due Date: May 31
Total Receipts: 579.50
Above Goal 49.96
Site Currency: USD

Thank you for clicking on the Donations button. To maintain ATAG's high quality of service, we need your help! ATAG's Axis vs Allies server is $249.99 monthly. ATAG's second server is $99/monthly. ATAG's forum hosting is $49/monthly. And for hosting the Team Fusion patches, we spend between $90-$600 every month through Hightail and Amazon Web Services just in bandwidth fees. Depending on the bandwidth (popularity) of the TF patches, that could be almost $900 per month to keep this place going! Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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 Many thanks to our recent donors.
 Name Date USD

  BKr_NobiWan May-24 9.26
  Jameswgm May-24 9.26
  exocet72 May-23 4.48
  DOWNEAST May-22 23.97
  ATAG_Snapper May-22 13.56
  Nork May-22 23.6
  Nork May-22 4.48
  JG4_Karaya May-22 9.26
  DRock May-21 18.82
  Don_Quijote May-20 9.26
  Kwings714 May-20 9.41
  ATAG_SKUD May-20 23.97
  9./JG52 Kettarian_Fox May-19 18.82
  epower May-17 9.41
  Boosterdog May-17 18.82
  Stab I./JG 51 - Hoffmann May-16 9.41
  Anonymous May-16 48.25
  EAF79_Vortex May-15 9.26
  Jim May-15 9.41
  ATAG_Invictus May-13 14.26
  ATAG_CrusaderOne May-12 9.41
  breeze May-10 23.97
  Susie May-9 4.48
  341_Knight May-7 4.48
  cgrou0303 May-6 9.41
  ATAG_Knight May-6 9.26
  rmejiagg May-5 48.25
  MezzA May-4 4.48
  aspidistra May-4 4.48
  Fritzfaber May-3 9.26
  ATAG_Torian May-3 18.82
  ATAG_Snarglepuss May-2 14.04
  ATAG_Highseas May-1 4.48
  ATAG_Paranoid May-1 18.82
  farley May-1 9.26
  9./JG52 Meyer May-1 18.82
  9./JG52 Mindle May-1 9.26
  Bad_Bascom May-1 19.12
  Paul C. Alexander Apr-30 9.41

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