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Blenheim controls

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This is a list of controls needed to learn flying and bombing at various altitudes with the Bristol Blenheim IV.

Your standard controls should all ready be set. Such as throttle and steering.

All of my controls are one touch keys. That is, no ALT X or Shift X. I use the X52 pro and have more than enough keys, so I don't have to change depending on aircraft.

Bristol Blenheim IV

Wheel Chocks

View-Position #1 (pilot)
View-position #2 (bombardier)
View-position #3 (rear gunner) optional

lean to gunsight

fuel cock #1
fuel cock #2
fuel cock #3 (if carrying over 50% fuel)

engine #1 select
engine #2 select
all engines select

toggle selected engine (ignition)

primary cockpit illumination (toggle)

full wheel brakes

raise undercarriage
lower undercarriage

raise landing flaps
lower landing flaps

open radiator
close radiator

prop pitch +
prop pitch -

boost cut-off

carburetor heat toggle

elevator trim up
elevator trim down

rudder trim left
rudder trim right

course setter +
course setter - (sets compass heading)

gyro setter +
gyro setter - (calibrate to compass heading, also assists autopilot)

autopilot next
autopilot previous (selects between off, course, and 22 mode)
autopilot left
autopilot right (adjusts course once autopilot is engaged)

previous bomb distributor mode
next bomb distributor mode (selects between single and salvo bomb drop)

sight altitude +
sight altitude - (used to set bomb sight altitude for bomb drop)

sight velocity +
sight velocity - (used to set IAS or TAS for bomb drop)

adjust sight left
adjust sight right (used to adjust side slip on bomb sight to account for wind)

fire guns (machine guns)

drop ordnance (bomb)

Don't feel overwhelmed, we can show you how to use these controls with ease.

Some people like to use the mouse clickable dash, but I don't. Once all of your keys are set, you won't have to look for any controls around the cockpit of the various aircraft.

I also have an 'Info window' with my engine controls, vehicle damage, vehicle crew, vehicle secondary controls, and vehicle system showing, to allow me to see a digital readout of my throttle, carb heater, boost, rads, and other important info.

Also, you are going to need the LOTFE 7 chart. It will allow to see take-off altitude and target altitudes. For the Axis Bombers, it allows you to convert your IAS to TAS.

Here's the link, check it out.

Good luck and have fun.

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