Chillax Maaaaaaaaan!

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So, here we are. 2 months in and needing more and more to refine the art of landing. Yes, that's right, landing!!

Landing is good. It usually means that either there are no opponents or you survived.

Landing after scoring is even better. So much better in fact that one begins to crave it. Kill, land, rr, take off, kill again........

And, for me at least, this is where is all starts to.........well.......fall apart. I found myself chasing scores, diving into where i shouldn't and shooting before thinking. And the more i did, the more i fouled up: Homeward bound friendlies shot down, rams, shoulder shooting and crashes. lots of them. But not many victories.......

Until i stopped worrying about them (10am this morning). This afternoons flying was a blast!! Not because i shot down a few and lived but because i remembered why i like flying in the ATAG server. Nice guys, supportive players and some truly great flying (even if i was on the receiving end of some of it ).

Happy New Year!

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  1. ATAG_Snapper's Avatar
    Sounds like you're having a good time, Booster!