Wait your damn turn!!

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I always try to keep these upbeat and positive but this one is a bit of a whine.....

Recently, the sky's in the server seem to be getting fuller. As a result so are the airfields. Whilst mistakes it is still damn annoying to see so many pilots acting so disrespectfully to other's enjoyment of the game.

So. A plea.

On the ground

If an airfield is busy taxi and go with the convention of taking off and landing in the direction of the yellow boards (ive been wiped out 5 or six times by aircraft crossing runways).

When you are off making adjustments or having a cup of coffee, dont leave your aircraft on the runway. Move it or de-spawn.

And LOOK before you wander onto the runway!

In the Air

Often there are too few enemy and too many teammates. This leads to a gaggle of aircraft turning around one stricken plane and utter mayhem with everyone trying to get in on the act. And this, in turn leads to some utterly clownish behaviour with shoulder shooting and ridiculous cut-ins. Flying that ruins the shot of another and often causes ramming, collisions and friendly kills.

A few nights ago i watched a spitfire firing through 4 other friendlies in front of it at a target some 700M away. Thats not a newbie error.......thats just stupidity. In the last week ive been badly damaged by friendly fire from shoulder shooting 5 times.

And finally, just because you have the "E" to close up to a fight doesn't give you the right to assume pole position if the lead chaser is already in firing range. Thats just bad manners.

So there we have it. Sorry to be so negative.

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  1. ATAG_Snapper's Avatar
    Amen to every point you've made, BD!

    I confess I tend to spawn in at distant (less busy) airfields and patrol at contrail heights mainly to avoid the madding crowd. A side benefit is that I rarely get vulched on the ground or bounced in the stratosphere. The downside is that kills come few and far between and there's a lot of flying and not much fighting. It does give me a chance to check my emails on the long climbouts, just like the real Battle of Britain pilots did.

    Good post!