Load Out Manager for RAF Fighters

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Easy installation. Run the utility from anywhere and point it to your user.ini file.
Read from the user.ini file to update the utility with your latest changes.
Manage all aspects regarding RAF fighters including regiment, callsign, markings and load out.
Quickly add, remove and manipulate ammo within the Main and Residual Belts.
Copy the load out of one weapon to any or all other weapons.
Create, Manage and Delete Load out Presets.
Keyboard shortcuts.
Copy the Preset of any aircraft to any or all other aircraft.
A quick overview describing each section of the utility.
Write the entire RAF fighter roster to the user.ini with one click.

Version 1.0
RAF Loadout Manager.zip

New Features:
Mirror Mode.
Copy squadron/aircraft information to other aircraft.
EDIT: Weapon Check in File Menu

The number of residual rounds now copies with the residual loadout.

Please protect yourself and backup your user.ini file. I have made every effort to anticipate and detect any errors, but I'm sure there is someone who will find something I didn't think of.
I have only tried it under Windows7 64bit Pro and Home.

Comments and Feedback are welcome.

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