ATAG and the great Tramadol Blast-o-rama

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A Brief History of DeadBeat Flight -

It's my second day of flying a proper flightsim online again. I've been flying in PC simulators since 1999 when I bought Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator. I flew with a fun bunch of reprobates in the IKP and am still friends with some of them. Since then I played its successor and IL2 1946 until my kids were just old enough to break both of my flight sticks while I was at work with effortless ease. I put myself on hiatus. With my kids now old enough to not break the finer things in life and having some time off work with back problems I figure it's a good time to get back in the cockpit.

So I'm back flying properly, teaching both my son and daughter how to fly and am giving up the ghost of mouse aim Warthunder for something much more worthwhile and satisfying. (Ace in a day on Warthunder is comparable to a perfect take off in CloD.)

The Tramadol for pain relief is and isn't helping. It makes me calm which helps with decision making, but affects my reflexes so it's a catch 22. Not one to make an excuse for anything, I'll happily blame myself for all of the bad decisions I'll doubtless make.

Day 1: RAF Rochford. Home. I haven't been back to Blighty since 2012, but there's nothing more satisfying than taxiing down an airstrip I know so well. 74 and 54 Squadrons were based there and at Hornchurch for much of the Battle of Britain and Sailor Malan is the most prominent of pilots associated with them. The nostalgia is already real as I load up and set up my Spit for flight.

Take One - I biff the takeoff and write off my Spit as it ditches in a stream. Great start.

Take Two - I'm up and patrolling Kent. I get rounds into an He111 and a Bf110, but the heavy fighter gets rounds into my oil tank and I crash just shy of the strip at Hawkinge.

Take Three - Dunkirk. I get into it with three 109's and a 110. I don't know if they are AI, but I suspect so as I take out two of the 109's with about all 14 seconds of gun time. I get back to safety and land at Rochford in one piece.

Take Four - Into a 109E/3 and biff the engine management. It's been a long time and I didn't open the water radiator enough. I get her back down safely on the Isle of Wight, though. Back and safely I get guns on a Blenheim almost immediately, but have no idea if it was a kill, so I claim damaged. After the Blenheim I latch onto what I think is a Hurricane after seeing a brown curved wing tip with straight edges. I am wrong. It's an Italian G50 which I didn't know were flying. On the plus side the 1 to 2 second cannon burst was on and it goes down. Apologies Pixel Paolo, I'll write your mum a letter.

Day 2:

Flight one - Back in the Spit IIa. Take of Rochford, get over Kent and find a 109. Didn't have enough energy and stall out as I'm lining up my shot. Get called out for being terrible, which is water off my knackered, arthritic back. But the rest of the community made a stand against him, which while unnecessary, was pleasing to see. I crash as I reply to him, which was worse than stalling out.

Flight two - A full tank spent patrolling over Kent for a one second burst into a He111. I get back to Rochford with 1 gallon in the tank.

Flight three - Biffed takeoff, nose over and kill the prop.

Flight four - Earn myself a belly full of Channel as a couple of 109's bounce me. I catch the first in my mirror and evade, but it's not enough and I think his wingman got me.

Flight five - I jump into a 109E/1. It's a poor flight and get shot down at Dover, ditching in the harbour.

All in all it's been a good couple of days. I'm getting my engine management in good order, my landings are beyond competent and my take offs are improving. Visual recognition is getting better with every flight and with greater distance, so I think Pixel Paolo's demise will be a one off. It's good to be flying again... I wonder if I can get my old mates back in, too... Goose, Cadd, Moonbird, Krusty, Goldy and Tubbs. they were good days.

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  1. ATAG_kiwiflieger's Avatar
    Sounds like you're having a blast mate... See you in the skies!
  2. ATAG_Monkeynut's Avatar
    Good stuff!
  3. ATAG_Snapper's Avatar
    Wonderful to read your After Action Reports.

    I confess that even with 3500 hours (according to Steam) on mainly Spits, I still occasionally “biff” a takeoff if I’m in a bit of a hurry and get careless. LOL

    Let your former squadmates know we’d be pleased to create a dedicated ATAG Teamspeak channel for your squad if they decide to give Clod a go. Just shoot me a PM.